Multicon Partners


Multicon offers partnership opportunities for corporate organizations.

We outsource our IT services while our partners focus on sales and marketing. We offer everything from advice to development of projects.

While being an Multicon partner, you’ll continue doing business as usual.

The only difference is that you will operate your business and we will develop and/or maintain your systems for you. We handle all IT functions, while you focus on sales.

Its very simple. Just scroll down and apply. But first read Our Partners Terms & Conditions

Who can join us ?

Any incorporated organization, whether it is a start-up or large established business.

What is the signup process ?

Organizations can apply online. Our compliance team will verify the data, then send it to the risk management team. If it is approved, the Data is then sent for automated processing. If verification is passed and the requirements successfully met, we then give the approval to join us. We send out a welcome letter listing further details.

How much time does the process take ?

It may take one to six weeks depending upon the situation.

Do all applications get approved ?

Unfortunately we are not able to approve all applications. We request that you read our Special terms and Conditions before signing up.

What is the payment process ?

We do not take or ask for payment. You deal with your clients directly and pay us the agreed amount quoted.

Do I need to pay anything to join partner program ?

No, there is no fee to join our program.

How can I quit the partnership ?

You can quit the partnership from the Partner Area (online).

Is there any suspension/termination process ?

Yes, unfortunately we suspend/terminate accounts that have not followed our Partner Policy. We may also suspend inactive partners (with prior notice and mutual agreement).

Partners’ benefits

We develop or maintain the software and manage all IT related tasks.


To know what the benefits of the partnership are, you need to ask, “Why should I become your partner?

You don’t need the headache of worrying about how the project will be finished before the deadline.

You don’t need to worry about who will develop the project, or where you’ll find the people with specialist skills.

We offer up to 40% off on our ready to use business applications.

You are in expert hands. We want you to be worry free, so that you can focus on your core business, while our work is to satisfy you and your clients before the deadline.

At present we only accept incorporated agencies or organizations.

We cordially welcome start ups.