We Innovate & Design

We design Information Technology. Simply we are a software company.

Multicon started its work for non-profit projects in 2015 with 2 employees. By April 2016, multicon registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India as a software company and started working on profit making projects. Now, multicon is certified as below:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  • 3 Trademarks and 10 copyrights.
  • NASSCOM member.
  • Data Security Council of India Member


Opensource Projects


Successful Projects



What we do ?

We do everything and anything related to Information Technology. We design, re-Design, Innovate and list goes on. Simply we work on IT.


Our Capabilities

are developing, maintaining, and renovating any IT projects. Setting a Datacenter, creating a IaaS or PaaS Project, or developing AI for robotics


We are Best at

Software Development, Web Development, App Development (Android, iOS, J2MEE), Embedded System Designing. We are also experts in seating SaaS Project and building hosting products.


What is Our Working area

Currently, we are actively working at India, Bangladesh, and South Africa. However, we have clients worldwide.

Know a little About Us

To know more about us, please email or give a call. However we are just flashing few things about us 🙂

How we working
Multicon is helping to develop better IoT (Internet of Things) and SaaS (Software as a Service). Trends in GPS based tracking, RFID, Bio-Metric devices, and Intelligent Architecture of software are growing. Multicon stays up-to-date with technology for developing robust applications and utilities.
Our Corporate Culture
Every society has its own culture. So do we. At Multicon Customers are like elders. We respect elders, no matter the situation. We follow them and keep them happy. At multicon, our staff is given one day to do volunteer work, like teaching students, working for charities, Blood camp etc. To know more about our culture, stay tuned with our blog.
About Our Growth
Multicon is a rapidly growing company. Multicon is setting its own milestone at every 6 months. Multicon is now working with more than 100 software companies.

Qualified Staffs

Multicon staff members are from reputed universities and hold a high level of degree or diploma in their work field. Our staff is always ready to take any challenge.

Homely Hospitality

One thing to notice at multicon is ‘Hospitality‘. Multicon smiles and smiles because we want to smile at our clients or anyone who relates with multicon.